How To Find Leads And Customers On Twitter

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How To Find Leads And Customers On Twitter

Starting your own business is hard work and one of the most challenging things is to find clients and leads.

Sometimes we get some referrals from previous jobs or friends and sometimes our family members are our first clients. But if you’re not lucky, we spend hours and days thinking about how to find clients and this could be overwhelming and frustrating.

Sound familiar?

I used to feel the same exact way that’s why in this post I’m going to share how to set up Twitter alerts to get more clients. (works similar to google alerts). Are you ready?

How to find leads and customers on Twitter

First up, you need to have a Twitter account.

Then, go to and create a free account with your email address.

Once you’re on Warble Alerts you need to click on the button called “New Alert” (please see image below)

You will need to copy your keyword in the text field called “Enter your alert criteria”. If you put something in quotation marks, that means that you need those exact words. Otherwise leave the quotation marks away. For example, if you use the keyword “ecommerce”, you’ll get all the tweets with the word “ecommerce” (that means that those tweets could be in any language), so if you’re looking for only tweets in English, you need to add some phrases in English before or after the keyword, e.g. “”ecommerce channels”. Keep in mind that some people use ecommerce and others use e-commerce. So, my suggestion is to set up different alerts for both keywords.

Setting up the alert isn’t your final step. Monitoring results is. So, final step is monitor and revise as needed, if they aren’t working, don’t use them and change the keywords.

Which keywords will you choose? Leave a comment and let me know!



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