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Marlin Duran

We have all dreamed about having our business, being our own boss and about bringing to life all those ideas that have arisen in our minds, but the big question we ask ourselves is... where, and how do I start?

Sometimes we may see it as an unattainable goal because we don’t think that we have what is necessary to start a business from zero, but the truth is that if you have a great idea, and you really want to do it, you already have enough to begin!

 The next step is to establish the image of your business, so in this article I will teach you how to create a logo for your business quickly and for free with Canva.

So what's stopping you? It's time to start realizing dreams!

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How to create a logo using Canva

How to Create a Logo for Your Business With CANVA

Now that you know what you want to project with your logo and what your style is, let’s create it!

I recommend that you explore the default logo designs that Canva offers you. You’ll find a lot of templates whatever your field. If you like one, and it is close to what you had in mind, you can use that base template and all you have to do is give it your personal touch by changing or adding whatever you want: colors, typography or graphics.

 But if you want to create a logo for your business with Canva, from scratch, here are the steps to do it: 

  1. Pick a color palette. Click on any part of the design and the menu options will appear at the top, look for the color symbol and choose the ones you like the most or create your own color! Then choose your background color (of course, appropriate to your palette).

2.  Now it’s time to choose the typography. You will have two options: manually, clicking on "add header" and choosing the font, size, color and style of the typography, or exploring the fonts and choosing a pre-designed one, but you can still customize it a bit if you want. You get both options in the left sidebar. 

3. At this point you can add extra elements, such as shapes, lines, illustrations, stickers, icons, etc ... They are in the left sidebar, and you can adjust their size and color as you wish by clicking the colored square in the upper left bar.

4. Done! Now just finish and save. Once you have already put all elements together until you have your dreamed logo, you just have to click on “Download” at the top right of the page, to ensure your creation will not be lost. And now your logo is ready to be known!

Why Is a Good Logo So Important For Your Business?

Your logo is a fundamental piece in your business, it will be your identity, the face that represents you! Also your logo will be on every element of your business, which is why it is super important to create a logo for your business that says exactly what you want to communicate, attracts your target audience and something that people remember and recognize everywhere.

But, can you create a logo for your business by yourself, without paying a graphic designer and getting just the image you are looking for?

Right here, I’ll tell you!

  • Be unique, differentiate yourself from others, find what makes you special over the rest of the brands and keep that in mind when creating your logo, because after all, we all seek originality, even when we are working with someone.


  • Define your style before creating your logo. Remember that this same style is the one that you will maintain for all your posts, PDF’s or proposals, which are elements almost as important as the logo itself! And you can create them all with Canva.

What Are The Components of a Logo

To start designing your ideal logo for your business, you must first have knowledge of what you want for the image of your business, and it will always depend on what you want to show and how you want others to perceive your brand. For example, you can choose a minimalist and modern aesthetic style, and then you decide which elements are perfect to incorporate into your logo.
  • Colors! These are super important, and you must pick them wisely, because people will automatically associate them with your brand and what you transmit. Research the psychology of color and be sure to choose the ones that are closest to your ideas, but don't abuse them! Choose a maximum of 4 colors. 


  • You can also add some icons and graphics that are related to your brand, so that way it will be easier to portray what you offer, and it will also be a good way for people to recognize your business just by seeing this symbol or icon.


  • The typography or kind of letter that you use can also make the difference! Rustic and prominent, is not the same as italic and delicate. In Canva, you have hundreds of fonts to choose from! It all depends on your style.


If you use the free plan, you can try Canva Pro for free for 30 days with my affiliate link

* You can also have a 25% off if you buy the annual plan instead of the monthly plan.

Remember that, besides the logo, you need a lot of resources to start a business. The more prepared you are, the more professional and aesthetic you will look. That includes social media posts, presentations, proposals and so much more. And you can make them all with Canva

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing tool and its possibilities, I invite you to email me at marlin@yourmarketingassistants.com and book a 2-hour private session with me to teach you how to use Canva for your own business. 

With so much love ?


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Mi nombre es Marlin. Después de trabajar en el mundo corporativo por 13 años empecé a emprender online con distintos proyectos. Este que ves hoy, se trata de mi primer Blog donde escribo sobre asistencia virtual y distintas herramientas para emprendedores. Espero que lo disfrutes 🙂

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Mi nombre es Marlin. Después de trabajar en el mundo corporativo por 13 años empecé a emprender online con distintos proyectos. Este que ves hoy, se trata de mi primer Blog donde escribo sobre asistencia virtual y distintas herramientas para emprendedores. Espero que lo disfrutes :)

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